A legal consultancy offers expert services in law. Consultants may be solicitors but not always. Rather consultants offer their expertise in various subject-matters that law deals with. For example, an information technology specialist may act as a consultant for a law firm but not be a lawyer. In contrast, law firms comprise solicitors who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). In the UK, there are certain activities which are “reserved” to solicitors (and in some cases other authorised, regulated persons like barristers or licensed conveyancers). These are:

  • the exercise of a right of audience (i.e. the right to act as an advocate in court);

  • the conduct of litigation;

  • conveyancing;

  • probate activities;

  • notarising; and

  • the administration of oaths

We do not conduct any of the aforementioned reserved activities. However, you will now find firms increasingly adopting the 'alternative business structure' (ABS) which is an entity that, while providing regulated reserved legal activities, allows non-lawyers to own or invest in law firms.

Diverse Legal Consultancy has both legal and academic expertise in its stated fields but is not regulated by the SRA. We prefer to operate in a financially lean manner that allows us to offer our services at low cost, efficiently and with the client's needs in mind. Practising as a regulated law firm requires the annual payment of various contributions (including a proportion of the relevant practice’s turnover) to the Law Society and/or the Solicitors Regulation Authority. It also increases insurance costs and a more complex administration system. Our focus is on you, the client and we feel operating as a consultancy will help fulfil your needs more effectively.





Those seeking legal representation should contact a firm of solicitors. Diverse Legal Consulting provides expertise and research in areas of law, not legal advice.


Yes we have professional indemnity insurance. All of our work is done as diligently and professionally as possible and client care constitutes one of our core values. However, we acknowledge that an error or omission may occur in our work or through factors beyond our control. Rest assured we will always do our best to rectify any mistake of ours - it hasn't happened yet though!