Courses & Training

Diverse Legal Consulting offers a range of workshops to law firms, higher education and community organisations in the areas of Terminologies and Practices of Religions and Cultures in Immigration cases, Islam & Muslim diaspora, Islamic Law & Finance, Law & Spirituality and Skills for Paralegals and Law Students. All participants are issued with a certificate and pack of materials acknowledging their continuous professional development (CPD).


Immigration & Human Rights cases: 

terminologies and practices of religions and cultures

We have found that one of the most important aspects in the immigration and asylum process is to understand the religion, culture and terminologies of asylum seekers and refugees. An interpreter can certainly aid this process and help clarify key terms and phrases in a witness statement. However, the religious and cultural dynamics a client refers to which are significant to his/her case may not always be understood. We offer workshops on some of the key issues prevalent within Muslim asylum seekers' claims such as references to sects (Shi'a and Sunni), Arabic and Farsi terms and cultural lifestyle which are significant to the submission of representations and appeals. A deeper understanding of the aforementioned issues and the way in which they can strengthen the arguments of a solicitor and barrister have proved invaluable to law firms and chambers alike.



One of our popular courses has been on introducing the history, sects and key principles of Islam to students, teachers and professionals. In addition, they have been interested in Muslim demographics and challenges around the world in order to better appreciate their lifestyle and practices. This type of knowledge has been useful to companies and law firms in order to understand the needs of Muslim employees as well as schools and communities that would like to get better acquainted with Islam.


islamic law & finance

Considering that interest in Islamic law is rising around the world and in particular, the role of Islamic finance in offering halal (permitted) services to Muslims, we offer specialised training on the relationship between Islamic law and English law. We are able to training lawyers and paralegals on key terminologies, differences and ways in which commercial contracts can be devised to reflect Islamic legal principles. This is in addition to explaining how an Islamic will works and training international human rights lawyers on current developments within Islamic law.


when law meets spirituality: inner contentment and respect for yourself

The growth of the soft-legal tradition has shown that it is just as important to educate people on how they implement the law through their culture and lifestyle just as much as they are ordered to obey and follow it. Our recently created workshop trains students and professionals alike on how to tap into their inner selves, create contentment, self-discipline and respect for their bodies. Think of the workshop as professional training on how to be in touch with how you think and behave. We have found that the workshop has helped people become more focused on their goals, reduce stress, reduce addiction and cultivate a greater sense of personal moral awareness.



A popular workshop of ours has been training paralegal and law students on the some of the key skills they will encounter in law firms. These involve legal research, dealing with clients, preparing court bundles, writing witness statements, applying for funding, analysing evidence and summarising points of law. We give a true insider's perspective on the skills you need to have in your legal career which will set you apart from the competition.